About Nick Simon

Hello everyone, I’m Nick Simon.

my dog chloe and iI am a Lansing, MI citizen; I was born and raised here. Although I haven’t really messed anything up, I haven’t exactly taken any steps to improve this town for the better. I recently walked across the stage to graduate from Michigan State University, with the confidence that I would complete my final 5 credits and earn my degree. I have a wonderful family that is extremely loving and supportive, a beautiful girlfriend, the best friends anyone could ask for, and last but not least a job at Gravity Works Design + Development located in Lansing’s Old Town. I do many things and gather as much knowledge as I can, however, these four things take up the majority of my time. My hobbies include building and maintaining websites, writing, playing with my dogs, watching and playing sports, and working out.

I’m a pretty busy guy, but like I said I’m finding it imperative to do something truly great for my hometown before I leave. Oh wait, did I mention I’m moving to Grand Rapids at the end of the summer? Well, I am. So because anything law-related takes years to see changes, and because talking about different RPG video games seems rather cliché, I’m here to inform citizens about the best burgers in Lansing. This, of course, is my own personal opinion and I don’t much care how you’d prefer your favorite burger to taste. My elegantly refined burger palette is only matched by an ability to distinguish the freshness of fries that accompany it. So with the proper introductions out of the way, please feel free to interact with me via this blog. Just remember, only one burger can win this competition. Their reward? Simple. Eternal Glory.


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