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Burger Beasts of the East – Lansing Edition

East Lansing’s Top 3 Burger Restaurants

East Lansing is known nation-wide as a football town, and this creates a lot of hungry students looking for (good & greasy) food to prevent and cure their hangovers. Luckily for these students these tasty burgers are just a short walk away. I present to you East Lansing’s top 3 burger restaurants.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the home of the ultimate greasy burger. There is no limit to the amount of toppings and sauces you can add to your burger. When they say build-to-order, they mean it. There is also a option to go cajun on your fry seasoning, and if you haven’t tried it you should.

Peanut Barrel

Peanut Barrel provides excellent atmosphere along with it’s delicious burger combo, with patio seating located along Grand River Ave. I enjoy Peanut Barrel for it’s simplicity in how their burger is made, cooked on a stove top and covered with a bowl to retain moisture. It’s cooked perfectly, and placed in between a bun of your choice (white, whole wheat, or rye). Served with hand cut fries and a pickle spear.


Crunchy’s has been provides East Lansing student’s with a venue to perform their favorite songs, giving the perfect atmosphere for it’s burger loving patrons. Looks like a hold in the wall, filled with college students from duck till dawn, and cooking up a mouth-watering burger, Crunchy’s has made a home in East Lansing. It’s hard not to smile and feel at home when you walk into this friendly bar and enjoy a burger and bucket of beer with your buddies.

Nick’s 10 Best Burger Joints in Lansing

While any burger is in fact a good burger, only a select few restaurants can make my heralded list of Lansing’s top 10 burger joints. The criteria for making this dish is two-fold: the best burger in Lansing should be tasty, yet affordable. Because of all you eager beavers trying to get a instant answer on Lansing’s best burger, I’ve decided to scramble up these top 10 burger joints. No reason behind the hierarchy, no meaning, just an unordered list of good grub.

Top 10 Restaurants:

Kewpee Sandwich Shop – This diner started up in the 1920’s and is still feeding the fine patrons of downtown Lansing. I recommend their famous olive burger; wash that down with their homemade root beer and you’ve got a Lansing Top 10.

Red Robin – This franchise has made a home in west Lansing and will be here serving gourmet burgers for years to come. Steak fries, give it up. Breathtaking shakes, give it up. Family-friendly, give it up.

Dagwoods – This old fashioned tavern & grill offers great burgers at extremely affordable prices. Their whole menu is under 8 dollars and has been around since the 1940’s!

Peanut Barrel – The people of East Lansing have been loving Peanut Barrel for years. No grease, hand cut fries, and their outdoor patio are the secret to Peanut Barrel’s success.

Nip N Sip – Taking it back a few years, Nip N Sip offers drive in service that and prices that are second to none. Please don’t drive by this one if you’re ever hungry. You won’t regret it. Pull in and grub out.

Crunchy’s – Crunchy’s is a college bar, which is famous for good burger, buckets filled with beer or food, and long running karaoke weekends.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – This fast-food chain is going to fill you up and get you in nap-mode for the next couple hours. This heavy burger with tasty fries is custom built upon ordering.

Bagger Dave’s – This is a tavern restaurant that serves great burgers accompanied with tasty drinks. I find their burgers to be tasteful and creative. However, not too easy on the pockets.

Leo’s Lodge – This bar has all sorts of burgers, don’t be afraid to try something new, it’s all delicious. From turkey to buffalo to venison, it’s hard not to be impressed when you have these smells wafting around you.

Olympic Broil – This is a fast-food powerhouse that is known around Lansing for superior quality and prices. A combination like this is hard to find, so take advantage.